How to take care of your body and your mind when you are not in your usual environment.

Ladies, we all know how to take care of ourselves when we are at home. We all have our little routines to make us feel loved, comfortable and taken care of. From keeping your room temperature exactly how you like it to your favorite skincare, your home should be a sanctuary for you and your routines. But what happens when you are not at home? When you are on the road exploring the world you are forced out of your comfort zone and for some of us that’s refreshing but for others, it’s extremely challenging and stressful. Let’s fight it together.

Here are some tested and approved quick hacks on how to take care of yourself so no matter where you are, you feel your best.


One of the most important things you can do at the end of the day is removing your make-up and wash your face. This is not only good for your skin but also if it’s already part of your daily routine, it gives the signal to your brain and body that it is time to start shutting down. Now, most of use liquid make-up removers and cotton or make-up wipes but there is a problem with this two. Liquid make-up removers are a spill risk and make-up wipes not only create waste but also run out or dry if not properly sealed.

My recommendation for you is to invest in a make-up removing towel. I can recommend this one from MORPHE ( morhe-towel-bestie?geo=1 ) that you can get online. I use it constantly, it was 7,00 euros and it was worth every cent. All you need to do is add water to it and it will remove all your make-up quickly without hurting your skin and after you can hang it anywhere to dry. When dry, pac it and off you go to the next place. It is an eco-friendly solution you can easily take with you anywhere.


Day cream, Night Cream, Eye Cream, Toothpaste, jewelry and a lot more. These are little things that most of us need as part of our rituals or to feel put together at home or on the road. These are also things that can be hard to transport, a jewelry box can open unexpectedly and liquids spill so my tip to you is very simple.

Pillboxes are extremely versatile and because they are traditionally used to hold medicines they are made to stay closed. For my trips I take a pillbox with 7 compartments and fits in my travel make-up back. Take what you need and keep it safe and together to make you feel relaxed and at home wherever you are.


Moving your body is important especially while traveling. Traveling is very stimulating for your brain which fills your body with adrenaline causing it to get a bit confused sometimes. A good way to aline your body and your mind is by centering yourself through movement.

Online yoga sites like Codyapp ( and Omstars ( offer the option to download full yoga videos on your phone and practice wherever. You can also visit a yoga studio for a test class and just move for an hour or do a trial day at a local gym and tire yourself for a good night sleep. I know you probably think: “I’m traveling, I’m constantly moving and walking. I don’t need this.” But you do, your brain recognizes and processes that you are traveling but your body doesn’t, it understands pressure, temperature, and sensations but it needs time to adapt to a new environment.

Your body needs a reboot and to do that it needs to be tired. Focus yourself on the simple task of moving with the intention of just moving and see the magic happen.


Taking care of yourself means feeling good about yourself and few things can achieve that as quickly as a good lipstick, find the right nude tone for you. Why nude you ask? Easy because it’s versatile. Don’t travel with 10 different lipsticks, find the nude for you and adapt it to any situation depending on the outfit you are wearing. Museum day? A nude lipstick, jeans and a sweater. Party? A nude lipstick, black dress and tons of mascara. Trust me you won’t regret it.


Long flight, train ride or bus ride or just a drive?? Try stimulating your mind with a podcasts, there is one for everyone. If you wanna laugh and feel relatable listen to Adult Sh!t with Kelsey and Kate (, these are two dynamite ladies with real thoughts and great advice for everything from sex to poetry, from self-confidence to mental illness, these two will take you to place you never thought possible.

If you want your own guided meditation, check out The Breathing Club with Patrick and Carling (https://, these traveling yoga teachers will guide you into a place of peace and serenity so you leave wherever you are rested and centered. Some body positivity?? I recommend The Bodcast ( thebodcast) by Bustle. Bustle is a feminist, body positive, fun online community full of diverse ladies with a voice they are not afraid to use, it that will make you want to go out and defeat the patriarchy.


Last but not least, you. You are on a journey and not just a metaphorical one through life. You are here, you made it this far so take a moment to embrace and appreciate you. Seat, stand, lay or whatever somewhere for just 5 minutes and embrace this moment of possibility and adventure. You made it this far and you can get further if just believe in yourself. This is your own wonderful moment to experience this day or night and see what’s out there. Take a second to appreciate how you got yourself here and how you are moving forward because this is you and this is your moment.