Wayanad is a district in Kerala. There are greenery, waterfalls, tea, and coffee estate. and many more. This place is for nature lovers. No pollution, there is fresh air to breathe. Here you can enjoy your time with the charms of nature, trekking through the hills, exploring the caves and wildlife.

Here are the places where we visited in Wayanad:

1. Karapuzha Dam

Calm and peaceful location. You can hear the sound of air, water, and bird. A very good place to relax. There’s a park with lots of swings.

2. Banasura Sagar Dam

This Dam is the second-largest earthen dam in Asia and the largest in India. It is made up of mud. It is located 21 km from Kalpetta. The dam impounds the water of a Karamanthodu tributary of the Kabini River. There are also some small islands in the middle of the water where you can by boat. Boating facility is also available to enjoy the full view of the dam. There are both speedboats and paddle boats. You can choose any of them, but the ride of speed was much more adventurous and breathtaking. Don’t miss out on this activity.


3. Meenmutty Falls

To enjoy the beauty of Meenmutty Falls, you need to trek about 3 km from the road.  No entrance fee is required for visiting the waterfall. As we reached to Falls, it started raining, this was a thrilling experience for us. Enjoying rains on waterfalls.


4. Edakkal Caves

A popular tourist attraction and is best known for ancient wall painting and art engraved in the caves. It offers a great view from the hilltop. There are a small market and parking facilities from where you can start the trek to Edakkal Caves. You can also find various shops where you can buy snacks and drinks and other Kerela stuff on the way to Edakkal Caves. After trekking to some distance, you can find the ticket where you will get the entry ticket which costs around Rs 20 per person.


5. Safari at Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

It is known for having elephants, tiger, bears, many species of deer, reptiles, birds and so on. We opted for Jeep Safari and when we entered, the surrounded scenery was so amazing. A picture-perfect road like a painting.

Happy traveling!!