It’s been long since I started blogging and there are some super Apps that I swear by and it makes my blogging life super easy and great. As I do most of my work on my Laptop but when having an app is super handy and I can work from anywhere using my phone then why not go for it. I have been using these apps for a long time and found it very useful and the best thing is they are free. Here are 7 Free Blogging Apps You Must Have On Your Phone:


WordPress has made every newbie blogger’s life easier. If your website is also on a WordPress than this app is for you. The best thing about this app is you can check your stats, where your audience is coming from, you can schedule your post, check comments and reply to them on the go. In short, you can access everything related to your blog on your phone.

2. Evernote

This app was introduced by my husband and after using it for some time I realize why I have not used this app earlier. You can create almost everything such as my ideas, your goals, notes, your grocery list and so on. You can also track your to-do list, how you spend your time, your finances, and your goals. Furthermore, I can also collaborate with a person or a team by sharing my notebook in Evernote which I think is great. There are plenty of other features as well like you can save the article you want to read, later on, it can save pdf and pictures too. For me, I can have access from any of my devices because it syncs with my laptop, iPhone, and Ipad which is great.

3. Medium

Medium is the best app for me to read articles, and follow people. Apps make it easier to read an article and follow new writers. I have inspired a lot after reading articles on medium because I think they are fresh. You can also see the stats of your own article through the medium app. Choose your interest to follow and it will deliver the content according to your interest.

4. Bloglovin

I came to know about Bloglovin a few months back and I just love it. Whenever I get free I go to the Bloglovin app and read articles, follow my favorite blog or topics. I can keep track of all the blogs at one place which I follow. You can interact with other bloggers by commenting and sharing the post. Even you can also check your blog analytics through Bloglovin. A must-have app on my phone.

5. MailChimp

When it comes to the Email newsletter, how can I forget MailChimp? When I started sending email newsletters, I completely rely on MailChimp because of its various features. It’s free up to 2000 subscribers and easy to use. Through App, I can see the details such as my subscribers, reports, drafts and so on. With the help of the MailChimp app, I can also send my campaigns and can see the open and click rates. The cool thing though is when you resend your campaign through App, it will send to the people who have not opened your mail earlier.

6. Facebook Page

Earlier I used to use my Facebook account for managing my Page, then I install, Facebook page and I found it super convenient to use. I can manage my Facebook page, check my stats for my post and so on.

7. Buffer

I use the Buffer App to schedule posts on my entire social media accounts. For this App, I use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The main feature of this App is that if you want to share something later on, then you can schedule it on Buffer and on which platform you want to share, Buffer App will do it for you.

So, there you go, 7 free Blogging Apps. Have I missed something? Maybe yes, because there are plenty of Apps. Do let me know which is your favorite App? I hope you will find my article useful.