Dressing well and looking good is one of the lessons I learned in my life. When I was in high school, college or even when I started my job, I never bothered to look good or dressed well, but then I realized dressing well has a great impact on our lives. When I applied these changes in my life, I felt confident and amazing…

Here are 5 reasons why you should always look good and dress well

1. You’ll gain confidence-

No matter where you’re no matter what you’re doing if you’re not dressed well, you’ll feel lazy. You’ll not have that confidence to go outside and meet new people, your friends, and families. But what if you dress well, you’ll never feel shy going outside. You’ll always be prepared meeting with people.

2. Creates a good impression-

Looking good and being dressed up always makes a good impression on the people. They will notice you, they will respect you. Boring clothes never attract anyone.

3. You’ll receive compliments-

When you’ll look good, people will notice you, when people will notice you, they will not stop themselves from giving compliments to you. Compliments will make you feel good and you’ll automatically have that smile on your face.

4. Increase productivity-

When you are not dressed well, you feel lazy and sleepy. But when you look good, you have that energy to get your work done. It will boost your productivity.

5. You’ll never know who will you run into-

This happens to everybody when you less bothered about your dress, your makeup and hair that day only you ran into your friends, boss, colleagues or even your ex. Embarrassing 🙁 Right?. Dress well and avoid these kinds of embarrassment

Some of the tips that I followed in my life to always look good.

Have that extra time and extra efforts in choosing your clothes, accessories or even doing your hair. Don’t think we should always dress up in any special occasion.  Every day is special. Dressing up doesn’t mean give up the comfortable clothes, choose comfortable clothes.

Get in shape– Start a workout plan and have an eye on what you eat. Improve your body

Pay attention to your hair and makeup– Hair and makeup compliment your dress. Try some new hairstyles, there are a number of YouTube videos available.

Always have an emergency kit– Lipgloss, Kajal, Mascara, Perfume, Deodorant and safety pins, these are the lifesavers. Always have that in your purse.

Smile– Last but not the least Always wear SMILE on your face.

Look Good, Feel Good!!


Image Source- www.myntra.com