Perfect book at a perfect time. This book motivated me to pursue my passion, helped to be grateful for whatever you have. It’s about taking care of yourself and others. It’s about loving yourself so you can love others.  What I have learned from this book is things like resilience, awe, connection,  gratitude, and possibility.

“The key to any relationship is communication and I’ve always thought that communication is like a dance. One person takes a step forward, the other takes a step back. Even a single misstep can land both people on the floor in a tangle of confusion.”

One of my favorite lines in this book and it is so true. Most of the time we listen only to respond, we don’t listen to understand.  So to strengthen any relationship with your spouse, your colleague, your friend or your child, we should extend a hand of understanding.

“Whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation say ‘Thank You‘.”

Always have a sense of gratitude and in a difficult and challenging situation that arises in your life. Appreciate and acknowledge all that you have already been blessed with, the positivity around you. Gratitude can transform any situation.  This will create a positive vibe inside you.

“The true measure of your courage is not whether you reach your goal-it’s whether you decide to get back on your feet no matter how many times you’ve failed.”

I’ve always been afraid that others wouldn’t like me, what if I say no, they will reject me, I do judge myself a lot.  Then I realized it’s my fear that blocking me. Accept the flaws of yours, work on it and improve. Discover what you love to do, follow your passion and hathe ve courage to pursue it. 

“I hope that you aren’t so wrapped up in nonessential stuff that you forget to really enjoy yourself- because this moment is about to be over.”

We live for big things, exciting things and we forget to enjoy the little happiness. Make a pact to live and enjoy each and every moment of your life. Remember, each moment is a gift.

What I know for sure gives many more lessons like being positive, say positive about others and be generous. This book provides me warmth and whenever I felt lost, I flip the pages of the books and read any story and it really provides me positivity.

I hope you pick up What I Know For Sure!

Happy Reading!