5 ways to motivate yourself

5 ways to motivate yourself

Motivation is something which helps us in achieving our dream. You have a goal to achieve and you do everything to achieve that goal, you sacrifice, you fail and you try again, that’s called motivation. Motivation is within you. I have been researching on the internet on how to keep yourself motivated. There were many ways to motivate yourself but I found 5 ways which worked for me best.  So here are 5 ways to motivate yourself:


Yes, exercise. It’s been 3 months that I joined the gym not because to have a perfect body but to be healthy to be fit and in 3 months I can now see the difference. My body and mind feel light. I have a clear picture of my path. 

5 ways to motivate yourself-Exercise

2. Do Meditation:

Meditation is a process through which I calm myself. I use Headspace app for the meditation. With the help of meditation, I keep myself relaxed and focused. Even it helps in sleep as well.

5 ways to motivate yourself- mediation

3. Take small steps towards your goal:

I remember earlier I always wanted to have an instant result for my work. Due to lack of patience, I always took big steps to get the fast result. But it doesn’t work in this way. In order to achieve our goal, we must take small steps. Make a to-do list. Create a long-term goal and according to that create a short-term goal. Work every day on your short-term goal and you will achieve your long-term goal.

ake small steps towards your goal:

4. Be Grateful:

Last year I read a book “What I know for sure” by Oprah Winfrey. (Check out)  What I learned from this book was how to be grateful, how to be thankful for what we have and now no matter what, I made this in practice every day I’ll perform gratitude. Ill thank for everything I have. Do it every day and you will find positivity inside you.

5 ways to motivate yourself

5. Have a vision board:

I was watching videos of one of my favorite youtube channel Lavendaire and in one of her video, I found the concept of a vision board. Vision board is basically a board where you have to paste pictures of that stuff which you want to achieve in your life. For instance: If you want to travel to a particular place, paste the picture of that place into our vision board, if you want to own a house, paste the picture of the house. Keep that board in front of your workplace and you will get motivated whenever you will see your vision board. 

5 ways to motivate yourself

So these are 5 ways through which I motivate myself. Hope you find my article useful.

41 thoughts on “5 ways to motivate yourself

  1. Hi! This is a great blog. Do you have any tips on motivating someone to get into this lifestyle? As a victim of depression and anxiety, I always find myself stuck in this box. People would always tell me to do what you advice, such as meditating or exercising. It’s easier said than done. Just getting myself motivated enough to leave the bed is difficult enough. What’s your advice for fighting the inner demons and start building good habits?

    • Hey! Glad you liked my blog. Sometimes this happens to me also, anxiety for no reason. What I did is I generate habit for everything. I surrounded myself with positivity because positivity is the key to kill the inner demons. Make a list of things which makes you happy. Reward yourself by doing those things. For building good habits, I always reward myself. Meditation and exercise come later, start doing things first which makes you happier and start loving yourself. Don’t bother what others say. Happiness lies within you. 🙂

  2. 🧘‍♀️ I have just started practicing yoga and meditation again, and my life has changed (positively) exponentially!
    Great article – thanks for sharing! 🙋🏼‍♀️


  3. Great post! I was asked in a job interview once, what motivates me to get up in the morning. It was surprising I had to really thing about it! LOL. Motivation has been on my mind ever since so thanks for the tips!

  4. I certainly use all these techniques! I just created our first Vision Board ever! It helped us book our upcoming Paris trip. 👍🏽 Thanks for reminding me to stay focused, so that I can stay motivated.

  5. Blair villanueva says:

    Having a vision board is one of an awesome idea that will makes us motivated (especially when you placed it in an area where you always work). Being grateful always is fabulous.

  6. Sulav Sapkota says:

    Thank you for bringing such a positive vibe. I have been thinking of meditating for quite a while. I hope this motivates to take initial steps.

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