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    Unique Picnic Food Ideas by Personal Creations


    As the weather starts to get warmer, take some time to enjoy everything the beautiful outdoors has to offer with a fun picnic! Whether you are packing for the family or just for you and your sweetheart, there are so many easy options to have an amazing afternoon under the sun! Personal Creations recently put together a fun guide on how to create the perfect picnic, along with unique picnic food ideas and easy-to-follow recipes. Continue reading below to see how you can put together a creative picnic and make delicious snacks for your next day out!     If…

  • 4 beauty uses of coconut oil
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    4 Beauty Uses of Coconut Oil

    4 Beauty Uses of Coconut Oil We all have heard from our grandmothers the benefits of coconut oil and their uses. Coconut oil has been used for ages now in every home. This is a must-have staple product in almost every…

  • 5 ways to motivate yourself

    5 ways to motivate yourself

    Motivation is something which helps us in achieving our dream. You have a goal to achieve and you do everything to achieve that goal, you sacrifice, you fail and you try again, that’s called motivation. Motivation is within you. I…

  • Advantages of Using Beer For Hair Growth

    Advantages of Using Beer For Hair Growth

    Stressed of hair fall? try the beer to grow hair. Let’s find out advantages of using beer for hair growth. Trust me every person has the problem of hair fall, it won’t just grow. I have tried anything and everything to…

  • Summer essentials skin care products

    Summer Essentials Skin Care Products

    Hello Beautiful people! Summer is here and so is the skin problem. In summer, we should always take care of our skin. Our skin will always be with us so why not give them the care they deserve. So here…

  • 4 Ways to Use Honey For Glowing Skin
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    4 Ways to Use Honey For Glowing Skin

    Honey is an amazing product because of its antibacterial properties antioxidants. it’s great for acne treatment and prevention. It can help in moisturizing, fight aging, and fight bacteria. Honey also has bleaching properties which help in removing scars and pigmentation, which…

  • Liebster Award

    Liebster Award Nomination!!

    2018 was indeed a great start for me. I am very much excited that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Jigna Pamnani. Jigna’s blog (Tinycrafts) is about DIY and Lifestyle. Check out her blog. It’s really amazing. Thank…

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    A Trip To Wayanad!!!

    Wayanad is a district in Kerala. There are greenery, waterfalls, tea and coffee estate. and many more. This place is for nature lovers. No pollution, there is fresh air to breathe. Here you can enjoy your time with the charms of…

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    Things To Remember for a Happy Monsoon!!

    Monsoon has always been my favorite season. Although Rain brings a lot of dirt and bacteria in the air, which can be harmful for your skin and hair.  Here are few things which you can remember for a Happy Monsoon!! Skin-  Use…

  • Books

    What I know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey

    Perfect book at a perfect time. This book motivated me to pursue my passion, helped to be grateful for whatever you have. It’s about taking care of yourself and others. It’s about loving yourself so you can love others.  What I…